PrimeTime: The Luxury Big Game Experience” at UR Coliseum


Join ‘PrimeTime: The Luxury Big Game Experience’ at UR Coliseum for an unparalleled blend of luxury and game day excitement. Indulge in exquisite cuisine, enjoy a live recording band, and showcase your skills in golf and spirited games. Immerse yourself in a visual masterpiece with a breathtaking light show and an enormous LED wall. Secure your place for an exclusive night of Big Game opulence. #PrimeTimeLuxury #LuxuryBigGameExperience

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PrimeTime: The LuxuryBig Game Experience” at UR Coliseum for a unique Super Bowl luxury experience. The event promises an unparalleled Super Bowl atmosphere, blending luxury with game day excitement. Attendees are invited to savor exquisite cuisine that goes beyond traditional game day fare, offering a culinary journey for their taste buds. The pregame show is set to kick off in style with the pulsating beats of a live recording band. Participants can showcase their golf skills in the Longest Drive Competition, featuring a cutting-edge golf simulator. Engaging in spirited games of cornhole and ping pong adds a playful touch to the Big Game celebration.

The event will feature a breathtaking light show, transforming UR Coliseum into a visual masterpiece under the night sky. Attendees can experience the game like never before on a massive LED wall, providing an immersive view of every play and touchdown. “PrimeTime: The Luxury Big Game Experience” is not just a party; it’s an exclusive invitation to revel in the epitome of Big Game luxury. Interested individuals are encouraged to secure their place for a night of opulence and excitement. The hashtags #PrimeTimeLuxury and #LuxuryBigGameExperience

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